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I'm a hungarian web developer, who is interested in new web technologies like HTML5 API, Dart, node.js. My favourite hobby is making HTML5 games. I'm a beginner, so i only made a few games, but i'm improving. :D

My first Game

My first games a Multiplayer Go HTML5, which i wrote for as my University thesis. I used HTML5 canvas for drawing, node.js to make it multiplayer, jquery for event handling on canvas and Bootstrap to make a basic UI for it.

Phaser phase

My next step in evolution was reading the HTML5 Canvas book, so i understand the basics of 2D games. After reading that i realized i need a HTML5 game engine so I don't waste my time.
There is a saying in the gamedev community: "Write games not engines"

From all the HTML5 engines i chose Phaser. Why?

I made 2 games, which gave me a basic understanding of Phaser. I made my games with the help of require.js, because it made the project more organized.

Dart with SatgeXL

I started playing with StageXL, because it was the easiest option to make web games with Dart and I just wanted to try out Dart.
I made a lot of little projects and i even made a game for ludum dare 29. After all this experiment i came to the decision to start my own game framework DartRocket.


Blog Post about why i started DartRocket